A.J. Flowers
"Life is full of risks, if you never take them, life will never be full"
  1. 3 Tricks to Find Time to Write
    I'm just like you-- a busy person with existing time commitments who squeezes in writing where I can. I have a busy day job, which demands 40 to 60 hours a week. I have a husband and a cat, both of which require love and attention (and I wouldn't change that for the world). I speak with my mother daily, and have friendships I maintain through texting and hanging out. And before injuring my back over the Christmas break, I did yoga twice a week and walked the treadmill three times a week. (Once
  2. Book Review - Writing With Quiet Hands
    This is a book review for Literary Agent Paula Munier's book Writing With Quiet Hands.  Rating: 5/5 Stars I loved it! When I first decided to purchase this book, I wasn't sure if it was meant to be a motivational tool for writers or a writing tool in general. After reading, it's pretty clear it's meant to be both. I was both heavily inspired to write, as well as feel that I have been given a comprehensive tool for the writing and publishing process by someone who knows. And I don't just mean
  3. 3 Drafts to a Publishable Manuscript
    Are you pursuing traditional publishing? Do you feel your manuscript is ready to be put in front of an editor or agent? Go through this list before you do! (If self-publishing, further recommendations are at the end of this post.) According to Literary Agent Paula Munier in her new book: Writing With Quiet Hands, there are three major drafts before you arrive at a publishable novel.  First Draft: Write whatever you wish to write, be it from a carefully constructed outline or by the seat of
  4. The Lost Gate - Book Review for Readers and Writers
    This is a book review for The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card for both readers (maybe you'll decide if you'd like to read it) and for writers (what you can learn to do, and not to do in your own novel). There are no spoilers in this review. Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (But I believe if could have easily been a 5 with some fixes) I won't use Amazon's blurb because I think it makes the novel sound terribly boring, so I'll sum it up for you. It's a fantasy written for adults about a teenage boy who